Necropolis Sect


"When you think of the Dark Crusade, think of sexy vampire cults and the temptations of immortality. The thick taste of blood, the cold flesh of the dead, and the cries of the weak being gutted before a roaring crowd best describe life within the fire-lit halls of the Necropolis. In time, if one performs well enough within the course of the inquisitional Dark Crusade, one might be lucky enough to be made into an immortal vampire, or become a Necromancer trained to animate to control the restless dead." -- Mage Knight Official Website


While the Elemental Freeholders protect the land, the Dark Crusaders strive to dominate it.

The Dark Crusaders sealed Tezla's spirit in a Bone Golem Avatar in 278 Tz. They brought it back to the mountains to construct the Necropolis, a sprawling complex of tombs, towers and catacombs on an island hidden away within a vast mountain lake. The sect set this area aside as their center of operations, both politically and militarily. The leader of the Dark Crusaders, The Dark Prophet, is chosen by Dark Tezla. The Dark Prophet leads the crusade in all activities.




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